Host a Home or Online Party

1. Host a party in your home for you and your guests. Either myself or another For Your Pleasure® Representative, if I am not available, will come to your home and provide a demonstration. You will have an opportunity to see, touch and taste the products. You will also be able to view the entire catalog. After the demonstration you can place your confidential order with me.

2. Host an online party. All the hostess benefits without the hors d’oeuvres! This provides an opportunity for a hostess to “invite” friends & family from around the United States, to her party.

There are two ways to have an online party.  You can have an interactive online party, where you and your invited guests, from all over the United States, can meet with me in a chat room. I will provide the chat room,(50 guests max). Times can be flexible and I am avaible in the morning and early afternoon hours, to accomadate stay at homes moms, who would like to fit a party in between naps times. Parties last about 45 minutes depending on questions.

As soon as you book your date, your name will be added to my events calender on this website, Facebook, at my For Your Pleasure, Inc website. After the conclusion of the party your guests can make their purchases by going to my online store, clicking on “events” in the top right corner of welcome page. They locate your name on the calender, click on it and make their purchases from there. I keep the party open for 48 hours after to give your guests time to make their purchases. After the close, I will calculate the total sales and let you know what your hostess rewards are, so you can make your own purchases.

When you book your date, I will require your guest list with first & last names and emails**, so that I can send them emailed invitations with instructions.

As soon as I enter your name into my events calender, your guests will be able to make purchases on your party. If they are not able to make the party, that is no problem, they will still be able to make purchases before and after the party, giving you the credit.

2. Don’t want an online chat room party? You can host an online catalog/website party. An online catalog/website toy party allows you to "invite" all your friends & family no matter what state they are in, what their work schedules are etc.

Once you connect with me, we will set up a time frame for your party. Online parties can begin almost immediately. I will require from you the first and last names and emails** of the people that you want to invite. I will send an emailed invitation advising your guest the start and end date of your party and instructions on how to make a purchase from your party. I will enter your name into my events calendar in my online store. Your guest will be able to click on your name then browse the store at their leisure.  I keep online catalog parties open for 10 days.

Once your party is concluded, I will then tally up all the sales from your guest and advise you of your credits & rewards (hostess rewards require a minimum of $150 in total retail sales) towards your own purchases. For Your Pleasure, Inc. has a very generous Hostess Benefits Plan and it will all be yours without lifting a finger.

Once I close your party & submit you and your guest's orders, they will be sent directly to their homes, in discreet packaging

It is as simple as that! No mess, no fuss & all the benefits!

For Your Pleasure® has GREAT Hostess Rewards!

A Hostess that has a party with a minimum of $150.00 in sales will receive 10% of their party’s sales in free merchandise & it only goes up from there!

Party Sales Bonus Levels:

Party Sales    Hostess Credit         Spending        Hostess       Hostess
                                                   Bonus            Exclusives   Specials

$150 -
$299             10%  of sales             N/A              N/A            N/A
$300 -
$499             10% of sales              $15              1                $300
$500 -
$749.99        10% of sales              $25              1                $300
$750 -
$999.00        10% of sales              $35              1                $300
$1000 -
$1499.00      10% of sales              $50              2                $300 &
                                                                                    $500 Special
$1999.99      10% of sales              $75              2                $300 &
                                                                                    $500 Special
$3000           10% of sales             $100             2               $300 &
                                                                                    $500 Special
$3000 +        10% of sales             $150             3               $300 &
                                                                                    $500 Special


10 buying customers = 1 item at 65% off
15 buying customers = 1 item at 70% off
20 buying customers = 1 item at 75% off


1 booking = 1 item at 65% off
2 bookings = $35 in spending bonus
3 bookings = $50 in spending bonus and 1 booking bonus item
4 bookings = $75 in spending bonus and 1 booking bonus item
5 + bookings = $100 in spending bonus and 1 booking bonus item

Glossary of Terms
Hostess Credit: 10% of your party’s total sales can be used by you to make purchases of your home. ie, if you have a $500 party, you will get $50 dollars toward your own purchases.

Spending Bonus: If you have a party with a minimum of $300 in sales you will get the additional spnding bonus PLUS the the 10% Hostess Credit towards your own purchases. ie, $500 in sales gets you the $50 spending credit and $25 spending bonus for a total of $75 towards purchases of your own.

Hostess Exclusives: These are items only available to Hostesses at an extremely discounted price. The Hostess Exclusives can be found on pages 2-7 of the catalog.
 Hostess Specials: These are combinations of items available only to Hostesses at an extremely discounted rate. The Hostess Specials change from month to month

Booking Bonus: Booking bonuses are items given free of charge to hostesses who generate party bookings from their parties. The booking bonuses are on page 8 of the catalog.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email, Skype (thepleasureprescription2), Yahoo Messenger (thepleasureprescription), Facebook, and/or Twitter.

** I DO NOT sell the email address, nor do I SPAM. Outside of corresponding with your guest about your party and their order, I do not send any unsolicited emails

****Hostess Credit and Spending Bonus cannot be used towards Hostess Exclusives, Hostess Specials, shipping or tax****