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Would you think that it was odd if you were flirting with someone and before you had ever kissed, the person asked to touch your feet?  If that were to happen, you could probably assume that the person has a fetish.  A fetish is an attraction to a non-sexual object of body part that arouses one in a sexual way.

When a body part is fetishized, the person feels more aroused by that seemingly non-sexual part than he or she would from a typical sexual body part.  It's easy to imagine a man who has a breast fetish-that is, a man who needs to touch or kiss or breast in order to achieve orgasm.  Now stretch your mind a little, and you can probably  imagine a person who has a foot fetish-who needs to touch or lick or suck or kiss a foot in order to soar to orgasmic heights.

For many people, an object can become a fetish accidentally in childhood.  For example, if an 11 year old boy sees a woman undressing for the very first time in his life, and she is taking off a red silk tank top, then it's possible that for the rest of his life, he will be aroused when he sees a red tank top.

Sometimes fetishes develop during the teen years and are often associated with a person's first sexual experiences.  Maybe the smell of leather makes a girl's nipples stand at attention because her first boyfriend was wearing a bomber jacket the first time he fingered her.  Or if the first girl a guy has sex with had her hair in a ponytail, he might need nothing more that to glimpse of a ponytail to become instantly erect.

Fetishes may include certain items of clothing.  Bras, garter belts, stocking, panty-hose, lingerie, and high-heel shoes are considered erotic by many people.  When someone has a fetish for this type of clothing, he or she many need to see it, touch it, or wear it to get aroused.  Some people have fetishes for seeing their partner in a uniform from a particular job, such as a policeman, maid, cheerleader, or military officer.  Some other common fetish outfits include clothes made of leather, latex, or rubber that are cut in a a style that displays the body in a sexually provocative fashion.  This type of "fetish wear" is available (and expensive) from sex stores and catalogs.

Fetishes are a normal aspect of human sexuality.  The fact is that some things are just more arousing to some people than they are to others.  Fetishes are extremely individual.  the only time that a fetish is problematic is if it gets in the way of someone's life or love life.  For example, if a woman can't enjoy sex unless she's having it on an oak desk in a man's office, then her fetish for oak desks might become a problem.  She might get caught having sex or work, or maybe she will cheat on her partner ever time she happens upon someone with an oak desk.  However, most people can control their fetishes enough to enjoy sex and relationships, and hopefully, they are able to share their little eccentricities with their partners in a fun and healthy manner.

Source - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex

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Fun with Condoms

Once you learn the basics, you can learn a fun trick to do with condoms. Here's how to put a condom on your partner using only your mouth:

~ Open the condom package and make sure that the condom is going to roll down.

~Place the condom in your mouth, gently holding the edges with your lips.

~Make your mouth into an O shape, still holding the edges with your lips.

~Without letting your teeth touch the condom, use your lips to push the condom over the head of the penis and roll it all the way down the shaft, still using only your lips.

~Run your lips up and down the shaft to squeeze the air out of the condom.

~Be very careful not to let your teeth come in contact with the condom.

~Check with your hands to make sure it is on properly.

As you can see, condoms are quite simple to use an can even be fun to use once you get accustomed to them.  And you should use them because, besides being a method of birth control, they are the only way to stay protected against sexually transmitted diseases and the HIV virus.

Source - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The G-Spot/Female Ejaculation

The G-Spot
The debate over the g-spot seems to never end. Does it exist, is it important, should it be talked about, does it have any usefulness? Definitive answers are rare, so while the experts debate, why not do your own research, and get to the heart (or would it be gheart) of the matter. Many women can stimulate their g-spot using their fingers. Some people will find it easier using a toy that is curved, either a dildo or a vibrator.

Time Required: You might find your g-spot immediately, or it could take several attempts. Don't pressure yourself.
Here's How:
  1. Avoid performance pressure about the "magic spot".
    People can become fixated on achieving a sexual goal (multiple orgasms, simultaneous orgasm, g-spot orgasms) One thing I can promise is that this is the best way to NOT enjoy any sort of sexual encounter. Remember that sexual exploration is mostly about the journey, not the destination (although the destination is better than most, I’ll agree). Try not to make this another notch in your “sexually self-actualized” belt.
  2. Turn yourself on.
    Any homework that starts with this is bound to be somewhat fruitful. The spongy area around the g-spot gets engorged with blood when you’re sexually aroused, so it is much easier to find and feel when you’re turned on. 
  3. Get comfortable and find the g-spot area.
    Lie on your back, squat, or lie on your stomach. Place your palm face down on your vulva and slowly insert a finger inside your vagina (use lube if you’re feeling a little dry), crooking it forward in a “come hither” motion. When you’re up to about the second knuckle you should feel a slightly bumpy or ridged area on the upper wall of your vagina.
  4. Notice how the g-spot feels.
    The texture of the g-spot area will likely be noticeably different from the typically smooth walls of the vagina. When you’re aroused it can expand, so feel it at different times during your arousal to get familiar with its contours and sensitivity. The g-spot responds to pressure, so press down and pull forward using that "come hither" motion with your fingers.
  5. Explore the g-spot with toys.
    For some it can be awkward to stimulate the g-spot by hand. A g-spot vibrator or dildo can be a great helper in this. Apply a little lube to your toy, and insert it with the tip (if it’s curved) pointing up toward the top wall of your vagina. Work it in slowly, far enough (a couple of inches) so the tip is pressing against your g-spot.
  6. Experiment with pressure and motion.
    Some women will find pressure against the g-spot pleasurable, some women like the feeling vibration when a toy is pressing against the g-spot. Experiment and see if either feels good for you. For most women, the g-spot responds to firm pressure. In the beginning, use your toy as if you were trying to scratch an itch—don’t pull the toy all the way out, but use short strokes, applying firm pressure, against the g-spot.
  7. Vary the movements.
    A circular or back-and-forth motion may be necessary to get you started, but you might soon graduate to a more vigorous thrusting. If you’ve got a vibrator, try playing with the vibrations both on and off to see which you like better. 
  8. Add clitoral stimulation to g-spot play.
    You’ll know you’re hitting the spot as you feel tingly sensations, the urge to pee, and an overall elevation in your arousal. When you feel the urge to come, stimulate your clitoris using your favorite method. Keep stroking your g-spot.
  9. Let go.
    With continued stimulation, you’ll eventually feel a sensation much like having to pee. This can be quite disconcerting at first, and has probably led plenty of women to abandon the process, but if you stick with it you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. You may or may not ejaculate, but ejaculation is perfectly normal (and it's not urine).
  10. If you don’t at first orgasm, try try again. It can take several practice sessions before you notice any build up. Try varying your position, using a different toy, experimenting with breathing and kegel exercises (to strengthen your PC muscle), or having a partner help you. Because the g-spot is most responsive when aroused, you may also want to try stimulating it after you’ve had an orgasm.
  11. Remember the ear lobe.
    Experimenting with the g-spot can be fun, and you never know what you’ll learn in the process. But try not to get hung up on this being a mind-blowing experience. If you’re playing around and it’s not doing anything for you, try something else, and know that there is nothing wrong with you, and what turns us all on is incredibly individual and unique.

Female Ejaculation
Female ejaculation is the g-spot's kissing cousin when it comes to "is it real or is it fake" medical debates.

In one corner are the legions of doctors, who when asked, maintain that there is no way a woman can ejaculate. They point out that in their textbooks, and anatomy classes there are simply no structures to provide for this physiological experience. They say that if anything is happening, it's urination.
In the other corner there are arguably larger legions of women, women's health practitioners (including doctors), sex activists, a few scientists, and thousands or tens of thousands of women who say that it does exist.

There are no standards or rules for this. Some women are worried that they have incontinence and that they are peeing during sex, or specifically during orgasm. Some women have always been "very very wet" during arousal and climax, and like the way they respond. Because of the increased attention paid in the popular media to female ejaculation there are many women who want to know more, and are interested in trying to ejaculate.

The bottom line, as with all matters of sexual response and behavior is to avoid any sort of pressure to do something or experience something that doesn't feel right for you. If you do something that you think is ejaculating, and your happy with it, that's great. If you're concerned that you are "too wet" during sex, you should know that there is a very natural variation in the amount of vaginal lubrication that women produce, and getting wet is probably just a sign of healthy arousal. You can always have a towel handy if it's a real concern for you. And if you're interested in learning more about female ejaculation then you should go for it. Just try and avoid the pitfalls of performance pressure, and thinking that ejaculation is some magic bullet that will transform your sex life from humdrum to super fantastic. Of course it might do that, but counting on it is a sure way to miss important learning and experience along the way.

Here are a few tips gleaned from the experts:
  1. Empty your bladder first. The feeling just before ejaculating is similar to the feeling you have when you have to pee, but you want the urge to come on as a result of arousal and not a full bladder.
  2. Practice in a comfortable place. Many writers suggest that one of the reasons women don't ejaculate is that they hold back when the feel the urge to "release". To deal with this worry, you can try to practice in the bath or while sitting on the toilet. The idea is to lose your fear around the possibility that you might pee. (This seems as good a time as any to point out that peeing is not the end of the world, and many women who experience incontinence deal with this all the time. In the face of hot sex and a great orgasm, a little urine shouldn't get in the way!)
  3. Most people say that ejaculation will come on as a result of stimulating the paraurethral glands and/or the g-spot (urethral sponge).
  4. Stimulating the g-spot for any length of time will be easiest to do with a dildo or vibrator. Any toy that is firm, or one that is curved for g-spot stimulation will do.
  5. Use a lot of clitoral stimulation, but also stimulate your urethra by massaging inside the top of your vagina both around the opening and inside a few inches. Many women find urethral stimulation very pleasant in and of itself.
  6. Keeping up the clitoral stimulation you may also want to try and stimulate the g-spot . Some women like g-spot stimulation, others find it too sensitive, or don't feel much at all from this type of stimulation.
  7. Vary the strokes and the pressure and experiment with what feels good.
  8. As you are doing this you may feel the urge to pee (along with feeling very turned on). This is the experience many women say happens just prior to ejaculating. At this point most of the instruction manuals resort to phrases like "go with the flow" and "just let it out". It's hard to provide specific instruction on how to "go with the flow". The best I can offer is to follow the above guidelines and experiment on your own. Make sure you have fun doing it, and that every time you try, you give yourself a wonderful orgasm whether you ejaculate or not. If you want to know more there are several books and videos devoted to the subject worth checking out.
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Food is Foreplay

There are 
certain foods that have a reputation for awakening and exciting our taste buds. They can be used to stage any type of food fantasy.

The Keys to Preparing Foreplay Food:

  • Keep it Simple. Foreplay should be fun. It should be creative and it should NOT be some long arduous process.
  • Size and Shape - Bite-sized is just right. Look for foods that look like sexual body parts. (strawberries shaped like nipples, Bananas curved like penises)
  • Raw or Natural - Sex is energy. You can feed your energy with the raw energy of fruits and vegetables.
  • Beverage Selection - Champagne is the official beverage of seduction, followed by red wine and then white wine.
  • Presentation is Everything - Be creative. Mix different colors. Present it on a tray.
Add fresh flowers and candles. (roses make any tray romantic!)

Top Five Foreplay Trays:

  • The Breakfast Foreplay Tray- Prosciutto, bagels, capers, lox, strawberries and champagne.
  • Chocolate Foreplay Tray- Assorted bite-sized chocolates, fresh fruits, whipped cream.Chocolate-Martinis (optional)
  • The Italian Foreplay Tray- Roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, cheese, cold meats, crackers & bread sticks, fresh basil, champagne & strawberries.
  • The Tea & Me Tray- Finger sandwiches, biscuits, lemon cookies, assorted teas. Coffee (optional)
  • Champagne Foreplay Tray- Chilled lobster tails, caviar, dates, warm olives, crusty bread and champagne.
Mix and Match the Following:
  • Black & Green Olives
  • Cucumbers
  • Capers
  • White & Yellow Cheese
  • Grapes
  • Bananas
  • Brown Sugar
  • Marshmallows
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Blackberries
  • Cream/Milk
  • Whipped Cream
  • Assorted Crackers
  • Champagnes, Liqueurs & Mixers
  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Fun Edibles!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Anal Sex

Whether or not people are actually having more anal sex, there is little doubt that people are talking more about anal sex than any time in recent history. The rise in public discussion of anal sex has pros and cons. On the plus side, more people are talking about anal sex and hopefully learning how to have it safely and pleasurably (if they want it). On the negative side, the increased talk may increase the pressure some feel to try anal sex. Anal sex is not a required part of healthy sexual expression, but if you are interested in trying anal sex, you’ll find the basics below.
Time Required: Anal sex requires time, a slow build up, and a sustained period of arousal.
Here's How:
  1. What’s My Motivation?
    The only reason to want to have anal sex is because you want to have anal sex. If you’re feeling pressure from a partner or based on some idea of what a hot and healthy sex life should be, forget it. Anal sex can be perfectly safe and highly pleasurable, but if you’re the one being penetrated and you aren’t turned on and completely into it, it could turn out to be neither. There may be lots of reasons why you want to do it, just make sure you know at least a few of them and they don’t all have to do with someone else. 
  1. Anal Play vs Anal Sex?
    Usually when people think of anal sex they think of penetration. This is but one part of anal play. If you’re not interested in penetration, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the entire part of your body. This whole area has been largely ignored for its sexual potential. The bum, the anus, and the rectum are all sites of enormous potential pleasure. They respond to feelings of touch, pressure, movement, and can be incredibly pleasurable. Here we’re talking about anal penetration, but there’s much more to explore without going inside.
  1. Do Some Homework
    There are some great
    books about anal sex and several educational anal sex videos, plus most 
        sex manuals include a chapter about anal sex. Learn the basic parts of your anal anatomy  
        including  the sphincter muscles, the anal canal, the (male) prostate gland. There’s nothing like a      
        hands on education, but checking out the road map first might help you orient yourself a little 
  1. Practice When You’re Alone
    Before you have anal sex with someone else, try it on your own. Even if you aren’t ever planning on being penetrated by your partner, knowing what it feels like, and getting a hands on education with your own anal anatomy will go a long way when you start doing things to someone else’s body. 
  1. Talk With Your Partner
    There are lots of ways to surprise your partner in bed that they’ll love. But “surprising them” by trying to have anal sex without talking about it first isn’t one of them. Anal sex requires the receptive partner to be very relaxed, feel safe and comfortable, and trust you to not make any sudden moves that will hurt them. This means that anal sex requires good sexual communication. If you’re not comfortable telling your partner you want to try anal sex, you may not be ready to have anal sex with that partner. 
  1. Anal Sex Safety
    Everyone involved should know the basics of
    anal sex safety and how having dangerous
    anal sex can hurt your body. Always use condoms and gloves for anal sex, and have plenty of personal lubricant on hand to replenish during the sex play. If your anal sex involves sex toys, understand what makes a sex toy safe for anal use. Taking the previous steps will not only make anal sex more pleasurable, it’ll go a long way to keeping everyone safe psychologically and emotionally, and making anal sex more pleasurable. 
  1. Work From the Outside In
    Start by exploring your partner’s entire backside with your hands and fingers. Massage their bum cheeks and once you’ve got your gloves and lube you can start gently touching and massaging the anal opening. Don’t rush to penetration, and don’t stampede to the anus. Instead pay attention to how their body is responding to different kinds of touch. Try a circular massaging motion with your fingers or gently knead the skin and muscle underneath. Take note of where they like to be touched, and where they can handle more vigorous stimulation versus a softer touch. 
  1. Pushing Not Poking
    Never force a penis or dildo into the anus. Using what you learned during your solo anal exploration press the tip gently against the anal opening and wait for your partner to relax and let you in. Keep stimulating your partner at the same time with your hands or with a sex toy. If you’re having anal sex with a woman, providing clitoral stimulation is a good idea. Pay attention to how you’re partner is moving and move with, not against, them. Once your partner’s sphincter muscles relax you’ll feel yourself being drawn in. Let yourself slide in only as much as your partner’s body allows. 
  1. Just Be There
    Once you’ve penetrated your partner for the first time, don’t immediately begin thrusting or even moving very much at all. Just take a moment to feel what it’s like and to let your partner get comfortable with some penetration. Don’t forget to keep other kinds of stimulation going (talking, using your hands, using sex toys). If you’re partner is moving their body you can gently move with them. Unless they know how deep they want it, don’t try to penetrate them deeper until your both turned on even more. 
  1. How to Move
    Once you’re both comfortable begin to experiment with different movements. Start moving slowly inside of them trying both in/out and side-to-side movements. Pay attention to how their body is responding to your movements (also, you can ask). When you find something that works for both of you begin to ramp up the intensity slowly. Anal penetration is not like vaginal penetration and it has to build up slower and may never be as vigorous. If your partner is unsure you can ask them to do the moving and at first keep your body still. You can also suggest they be on top. 
  1. Anal Sex Positions
    Anal sex is a much slower kind of penetration play and requires a longer period of intense arousal. Changing positions can mean a break in arousal that gets in the way. But for some people changing an anal sex position can really bump up the heat, or provide more physical comfort and greater range of motion. There isn’t one perfect anal sex position. If you enjoy anal sex the best thing to do is experiment until you find one, or a few, that work for you. Here are some examples of
    popular anal sex positions. 
  1. Check In Often
    Be sure to check in with your partner often during anal sex. You can do this verbally (is that good? Do you like that? Do you want more, less, different? etc…) and you can ask your partner to give you feedback without you asking (more, slow it down, let’s try this, etc…) You can also get a lot of information from what’s happening non-verbally with their body. Are they tensing up? Are they moving more? Is their breathing becoming heavier, deeper, shallower? Are they getting wetter? All of this information can help you get into a rhythm with them and speed up, slow down, or keep going. 
  1. Sex Toys
    Anal sex toys can be a great way to explore anal sex. It’s usually a good idea to let the partner being penetrated play with the toy on their own first so that they can help their partner know what they like and how to use the toy. If you’re having anal intercourse involving a penis an anal sex toy may be less useful. But using a vibrator to add stimulation for the partner being penetrated an/or the partner doing the penetration is a great idea. Because anal sex requires a slower build up and sustained sexual arousal hands can get tired, and a vibrator never does (although motor can burn out). 
  1. Cleaning Up
    Even if you don’t see it, fecal matter and bacteria can and will be spread if you touch anything after touching the outside or inside of your anus. You should never move from anal play to vaginal play without washing carefully first. Bacteria that live happily in the anus are not happy in the vagina, and can cause serious infection. Below are some tips on cleaning up after anal sex. 
  1. Taking Off the Gloves
    Avoid touching the outside of the glove you used to touch yourself. To remove your gloves, put a clean finger under the cuff of the glove and pull it down and right off your hand at once, so that the glove turns completely inside out. This way you won’t come in contact with any part of the outside surface of the glove. If both hands are gloved, wash your hands carefully after removing your gloves. 
  1. Cleaning Sex Toys and Lube Bottles
    If you touched your bottle of lubricant with a glove that had been inside you, wash the outside of the bottle carefully as well. Try to avoid touching the cap with the same hand you are using to touch yourself as the cap is often a harder part of the bottle to get clean. The easiest way to keep anal sex toys clean is to put a new condom on the toy each time. If you have silicone anal toys, you can boil them in water for 2 to 5 minutes. Remember to wash your hands after cleaning toys and lube bottles.
Source -


Fire and Ice

By: Kris Williams

He had promised me something different, and although I couldn’t possibly think of what it might be – we had done everything under the sun and then some, it seemed – I tingled with anticipation.

Driving home that evening, with the sun’s rays glittering off the polished hood of my car, I was more aware of the ache between my legs than I was of the traffic. A sharp horn from behind reminded me that the light had turned green, and I goosed the accelerator just a little too hard, narrowly missing the car in front of me.
Get it together, Mel! I thought. It can’t be that good!

Except that, with Darren, I knew it could be. He had a boundless imagination, and he knew how to artfully walk that line between sexy domination and cruelty. He knew when to pull back before hurting me, and that capacity, combined with his never ending lust, made me want him with a desperation I had never felt for any man.

When I pulled into the underground parking at our apartment building, I wasn’t surprised to find myself weak and shaking. Darren didn’t often warm me of his plans beforehand, so I knew this had to be something special. I was on fire by the time I reached our third-floor apartment. My hand trembled as I fit the key into the lock, and to my surprise, the door swung open to reveal a dark, silent apartment.

I stepped inside and closed the door. “Hello?” I called, as I put my briefcase down on the floor. I shrugged out of my coat and tossed it onto the couch, and it was then that a movement to my right caught my eye. I looked, all the breath leaving my body in a rush. It suddenly became a struggle to remain on my feet.

Darren moved toward me, his tight, chiseled body totally naked, his smooth skin glistening in the waning light that came in from the front window. His muscles were taut and beautiful, devoid of hair, and before I could stop myself my eyes wandered down, between his legs. When I saw that he wore a glittering gold cock ring, his penis jutting out, swollen and rigid, my knees went weak and I had to brace myself against the arm of the couch.

Darren sauntered toward me, looking perfectly at ease, his dark eyes amused at the look on my face. When he reached me, he placed both hands on my shoulders and bent to brush my lips with his.

“See anything you like, princess?” he murmured, and my hand came up automatically to touch his cock, to feel that glorious hardness in my hand. However, he brushed it away and pulled me to my feet. I looked into his eyes; certain that mine now held an expression of desperation.

“No, no,” he told me, still in a soft, sexy voice.

The ache inside me pulsed relentlessly, beginning to hurt.

“Not until you’re naked.”

He took my hand and led me into the bedroom, and I was astonished to see candles on every available surface, some long and tapering, others short and squat. They filled the room with a cornucopia of perfume, but I was past noticing; my body had other needs.

The covers were turned down invitingly on our queen-sized bed, and a bowl filled with ice was on his bedside table. There were several of the longer candles on mine, but before I had time to wonder, Darren pulled me into his arms, slammed his mouth down on mine, and kissed me passionately. Between us, I felt his rock-hard erection, and I pushed my hips into his, wanting it, needing it, feeling as though I would do anything just to have it inside me.

Darren’s hands began to work on my blouse, and I pulled away a little to allow his fingers to undo the buttons, which he accomplished with practiced ease. He reached around behind me and unhooked my bra neatly, with two fingers, and before I knew it, both items of clothing had fallen to the floor and my bare chest was exposed to his view.

He bent and took one of my nipples into his mouth, and it hardened instantly under his touch, the sharp sensations shooting through me, darting right to that place between my legs that needed him so urgently.

Darren eased me back toward the bed, and when the backs of my knees bumped into it I sat down. He pushed me gently onto my back and began to work on my pants, and I lifted my hips eagerly as he slid them off. I could still see his erection, hard and ready, and when I noticed a drop of moisture on the tip I nearly cried out with the force of my need.

My pants discarded, Darren lay on his side beside me and kissed me until I was out of my mind, begging him to take me, take me now, oh, God please take me NOW …

He had my hands pinned above my head and was teasing first one nipple with his tongue, then the other, and I arched my back, my head turning back and forth as the need grew inside me, become a raging animal. I moaned and twisted, gripping his head with fingers that shook as he slid down and began to work on me with his tongue, the tip of it flicking out and teasing my clitoris, just enough to take me higher but not enough to bring me over the top. His cock was pressed against me, a reminder of what I wanted, but for some reason, wasn’t allowed to have.

“Oh, God, Darren,” I gasped. “Fuck me now, please fuck me, I need it I need it so badly – ”

Darren lifted his head from between my legs and gave me a devilish grin. “We’ve only just started, Melanie my love,” he told me, and while my brain tried to process that, he lifted himself up until his head was level with mine.

He reached across my body to the bowl of ice that was on his side of the bed. Extracting a cube, he put it in his mouth and then bent his head to my breasts, licking and sucking them, with the added sensation of the freezing ice in his mouth. My chest bucked as I hitched in my breath with a gasp. A tiny rivulet of cold water ran down the side of my chest, only adding to the exotic feeling of his chilly tongue.

When I thought I could bear it no longer, Darren looked at me, his eyes speculative.

“How much can you take, Mel?” he asked quietly, and again I was startled. He continued to look at me expectantly, and I realized he was waiting for me to answer.

“How much can you take before I fuck you?”

At the word “fuck” a ripple of desire ran down my backbone, and I struggled to formulate the answer I thought he might want to hear.

“As much as you can give me,” I whispered, and the ache inside me grew worse as a sexy grin stretched his mouth.

“As much as I can give you?” he echoed. He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the mouth. “Well, babe, this is going to be a long night.”

He reached over and took another ice cube from the bowl. Starting at my collarbone, he ran it over my heaving chest, between my breasts, over my abdomen, and down the length of my body until he was brushing the top of my pubic hair. When he drew the ice cube over my swollen clitoris, something like a scream escaped my lips and my hips bucked.

“Ah, ah,” Darren told me, rubbing the ice cube back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. “No squirming, love. Besides, this isn’t the end.”

He parted my legs and slid the ice cube inside me, pushing it up with one finger. He eased my legs closed with the same hand and bent his lips to my ear.

“Can you feel that melting inside you? Your heat is melting it, but it’s cold right now, isn’t it … it’s cold …”

He was right. Two sensations warred within me: the heat of wanting Darren and the chill of the ice. Gradually, they melted together, until the cold became part of the wanting. I felt it dripping out of me, and it reminded me so much of his juices that I strained against his hands.

“Please …” I asked him, looking into his eyes, certain that mine reflected my need.

Darren smiled again. “Please? Please what, Mel?”

I realized I had trapped myself by what I had said earlier (“as much as you can give me”). I turned my head to the side, tears starting in my eyes. Darren laughed, a low, sexy chuckle, and I didn’t see what he did next. When I turned my head back toward him, he was holding one of the tapered candles in his hand, and my eyes widened as he brought it perilously close to my breast.

“What are you doing?”

My question was a breath of fear, and Darren smiled as he tipped the candle over, its fire creating a tiny pool of wax that dripped onto my breast. I sucked in my breath; it burned, just a little, before hardening into a crust that felt strange on my skin. Darren continued to drip wax on my body: between my breasts and down my stomach. As the he drew the candle even lower, I became truly frightened. He saw my expression and his own softened as he leaned over to kiss me.

“Now stay still, babe, and this won’t hurt, I promise.”

He held the candle directly over my clitoris and it took every ounce of control I had not to move, to roll sideways, away from that burning wax. But I knew if I did that I wouldn’t get what I needed, so I lay still, flat and trembling, as he tipped the candle once again.

Searing pain shot through me as the wax landed on my clitoris, and I panted with the effort of controlling myself. To my surprise, it cooled almost instantly, and the tight feeling of the contracted wax on my tender flesh was almost … exciting. I looked up at Darren, and he smiled in satisfaction.

“Again?” he asked, and I nodded. He scraped the wax away with one careful finger and tipped the candle again. I gasped as the hot wax landed on me again, but this time there was a definite rush of excitement, and I moved my legs wider apart and lifted my hips just a little.

Darren replaced the candle in its holder with a hand that shook just a little. “Holy shit,” he said huskily. “I sure as hell didn’t expect that. I can’t wait now.”

He quickly got between my legs, and with one smooth movement, he thrust himself into me. I clung to him and screamed as his cock filled me, every inch of me, right to the brim. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist as he began to pump in and out of me, and as every thrust became better and better, I realized it was the slight soreness of my clitoris, rubbing lightly against the skin of his lower belly by the movement of his body, that was turning me on the most.

I came in ecstacy, bucking my hips to pull him farther in, and when he exploded inside me, he threw back his head and groaned.

Shuddering, he collapsed on top of me, and I held him, smiling.

“That was definitely one of your better ideas,” I said.

His breathing had to slow a bit before he could answer. He raised himself on his elbows and looked down at me.


“Oh, yes.” I kissed him hard, squeezing his still rigid cock with all the strength of my inner muscles. “You have quite the imagination.”

“I’m glad you approve.”

Darren returned the kiss, beginning to move his hips, and as I realized he still had the cock ring on, I closed my eyes and surrendered myself yet again.

The Art of Role-Playing

By Jennifer Good

Role PlayingWhen you're ready to take your sexual relationship from average to exceptional, role-playing is certainly an avenue you may want to explore. There's something about the guise of being in character that allows couples to open their mind to things they might not have considered before. Role-playing also makes it easier to reveal some of your hidden desires. It can alleviate some of the boredom and pressure to be creative or try every new position under the sun. If this is something you'd like to try, or you'd just like to get new ideas for, read on…
First things first…
If you've never engaged in this activity before, it might seem a little silly at first, especially if you chose to wear costumes. The best way to start out is to really go slowly. You can introduce the topic by asking a simple question such as, "Have you been good today?" The endless answers to that kind of question invite many different role-playing scenarios. You can also set up a scene that you both must act as a character in. For example, one of you will come to the door to fix something and things lead from there. If you want to be a little more formal about the process, send an invitation to your partner inviting them to join you in a little sex play. Explain their character and give any other instructions you wish them to follow. After you've done it a few times, you'll both feel a little more comfortable with it and the ideas for new adventures will be something you'll both be eager to explore.
The Scenarios…
Once you've decided to try this type of sex play, you'll need to pick a role-playing scenario to act out. Below are a few favorites and maybe some you've never considered. Pick a few to try or act them all out. Just remember to have fun and make sure you are BOTH comfortable with what you're trying.
This is probably the most common role-playing scenario. Usually the woman plays the student and the man is the teacher or professor. You can make the scenario anything from pleasing the teacher in exchange for grades to being the teacher's pet. Costumes are fairly easy for this scenario as well. A short skirt and white button up shirt usually works for the female student role. The male teacher role doesn't really involve any special costume idea. Just wear what you feel comfortable in. If you switch the roles and have the female as the teacher and the male as the student, you can really get creative. You can have the female teacher be extremely sexy or extremely harsh, depending on your partner's fantasy. She can have her hair tied up in a bun and wear large rimmed glasses for the naughty schoolboy approach.
This role-playing scenario is perfect when one partner doesn't wish to have to think about what to do or how to behave. It also quite stimulating for both partners involved. Costumes or play wear should be decided by whoever is playing the role of master. You might also consider props like a blindfold and some items to use to tie up your partner. Always make sure both partners are completely in agreement with the props and activities. The best idea is to have some type of safe word to make each partner comfortable with the limitations.
Service Worker/House Wife 
In this scenario one partner plays the role of a service worker. There are many roles to choose from in this scenario including a mailman, plumber, cable repairman, phone repairman, or pizza delivery person. You could even include occupational role playing of police officer, fire person or a military service person in this scenario. Typically this role-playing scene plays out with the service person coming to the door and finding the other person alone in the home. What happens from there is virtually endless.
Bar Pick Up Scenario
This role playing scenario starts outside the home. You meet and anonymously one of you gets "picked up" at the bar. You can also go all out for this one by meeting at a hotel bar and getting a room for an "impromptu" lover's tryst. This particular role-playing idea is especially great for couples who have been together for quite some time and really need an infusion of spark and romance.
For those with a creative flair, this can get quite steamy! There are two possibilities for this scenario. The first is one is the artist and the other partner is sitting for a nude portrait. You can also do this as a photographer/model scenario. The second scenario is a little more fun and creative. One partner is still the artist, but the other person plays the part of the actual canvas. The artist will then begin to paint the "blank" canvas any way they wish.
This is another one to try when one partner would rather give up control of the scenario. With this idea one partner is scheduled to meet the other, usually at a hotel. When they get to the scene, the other partner is not there. Instead they find the clothes they must wear and instructions to wait. When the other partner arrives they begin to command what the escort should do. You can actually go through a whole date while playing these roles. Things could get interesting!
This is a fairly straight forward role play. One person plays the stripper and the other is the lucky benefactor. You can also add this role-play to the escort/client or master/slave scenarios as well.
Need a check up? Your partner might thing so! This role-playing idea is a very common one. Decide who will be the doctor and who will be the patient and have fun setting up your scenario. Will they be a good patient or a bad patient? There are many ways to play this one out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Strip For Your Man

I have been trying to think of new things I can integrate into me & my sugar's routine.  I am thinking about pole dancing & lap dancing.   Fortunately, I live in a town with a pole & lap dancing school (It's Vegas baby!), so I am going to have to check out some classes.  If you are not as lucky as I, I do sell a couple of instructional videos on the topics. 

I like the idea of pole & lap dancing on a couple of different levels, first of course, fitness ( Have you seen the bods on those professional pole dancers!! Yowza!).  Second, confidence.  When your prancing around the room, playing motor boat with your man, you got to have a lot of confidence to pull that off sexy.  And third, giving your man a nice show, that lets him know you have taken the time and effort to let him know he floats your boat.  So check out some of the videos in my store.  Plus, if the economy gets any worse, we can take it on the road (just kidding mom).  

Erotic Dancing for Your Lover # 20040
Telly Award Winner. Dvd and music set. Video will teach every woman - regardless of age, size or experience - how she can discover her own seductive power and build her sexual self-confidence. DVD $25.00

Erotic Pole Dancing #3261
Sexy moves you can learn at home! Get a great workout while performing this seductive new style of dance. Watch real couples experiment with this arousing form of foreplay that leads to incredible sex! Experience increased confidence in your body image and appreciate your feminine curves. Convert any room of your house into your personal pole dance parlor with moves that will turn your man on and spice up your relationship! DVD INCLUDES FREE DANCE MUSIC CD! Running Time Explicit, 70 min. DVD
Price: $21.00

In the mean time, here is a stripping how-to that I poached from

How to Do a Strip Tease for Your Husband

By VintageMamaeHow Member
  (57 Ratings)
Do a Strip Tease for Your Husband
Do a Strip Tease for Your Husband
Whether you realize it or not... you're hot. In fact you're sexy and hot. No better yet... you're sensual, sexy and hot. And your husband loves a tease. Learn how to combine your powers to tease your husband to the point of no return!
Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:

  • music
  • 2 chairs
  • killer high heels
  • candles
  • robe
  • fitted skirt with zipper
  • white button shirt
  • men's tie
  • thong panties
  • lacy bra

  1. Step1
    Set the two chairs facing each other far enough away so you have room to dance. Light many candles around the room, but make sure they're far enough away so that you won't knock them over.

  2. Step2

    Put on your thong, bra and high heels. Cover up with a robe as you sit your husband down on the chair. Tell him the show will begin in a few minutes.

  3. Step3
    Put some "intro" music on for him to listen to while you finish dressing. This will build great anticipation. By the time the show starts he'll already be "standing at attention"! ;)

  4. Step4
    To start your tease, move your hand over your body slowly. Remember when your husband sees your hand (or anything else you rub on your body) he actually imagines it's his hand. Purposefully avoid rubbing your breasts and kitty too soon. Remember this is a tease!

  5. Step5
    Look at your husband in the eye as you SLOWLY unzip your skirt. Now with your back turned to him, wiggle it down 'til you take it off.

  6. Step6
    As you rock your hips side to side, SLOWLY take off your tie. Stretch it out, bite it and rub it against your breasts and/or your booty. When your done teasing with the tie put it over his neck.

  7. Step7
    Now is the time to give him a good rub down. Run your fingers through his hair, bite his ear, kiss him on his neck, rub your thigh against his crotch, sit in his lap, rub your breasts on his face ... you get the picture. Just get him all hot and bothered!

  8. Step8

    Next sit down on the empty chair and SLOWLY unbutton your shirt. You can look at him in the eye "seducing" him, or close your eyes "yearning" for him. Don't take your shirt off yet.

  9. Step9
    Open your shirt slightly and run your fingers between your breasts. Heaving your chest can make this move look more intense.

  10. Step10
    With your shirt still on, straddle the chair with your back towards him and reveal one shoulder at a time. Make sure you are turning your head looking at him and moving your shoulders rhythmically. Finally slip off your shirt

  11. Step11
    Gracefully get off of the chair and walk slowly toward your husband. Sway, bounce, gyrate or roll your hips as you stand very close to him.

  12. Step12
    Lastly straddle your husband. Place his hands on your booty. Unhook your bra and softly rub your bare breasts against him face. Finish off with a kiss!