Friday, May 21, 2010


Fire and Ice

By: Kris Williams

He had promised me something different, and although I couldn’t possibly think of what it might be – we had done everything under the sun and then some, it seemed – I tingled with anticipation.

Driving home that evening, with the sun’s rays glittering off the polished hood of my car, I was more aware of the ache between my legs than I was of the traffic. A sharp horn from behind reminded me that the light had turned green, and I goosed the accelerator just a little too hard, narrowly missing the car in front of me.
Get it together, Mel! I thought. It can’t be that good!

Except that, with Darren, I knew it could be. He had a boundless imagination, and he knew how to artfully walk that line between sexy domination and cruelty. He knew when to pull back before hurting me, and that capacity, combined with his never ending lust, made me want him with a desperation I had never felt for any man.

When I pulled into the underground parking at our apartment building, I wasn’t surprised to find myself weak and shaking. Darren didn’t often warm me of his plans beforehand, so I knew this had to be something special. I was on fire by the time I reached our third-floor apartment. My hand trembled as I fit the key into the lock, and to my surprise, the door swung open to reveal a dark, silent apartment.

I stepped inside and closed the door. “Hello?” I called, as I put my briefcase down on the floor. I shrugged out of my coat and tossed it onto the couch, and it was then that a movement to my right caught my eye. I looked, all the breath leaving my body in a rush. It suddenly became a struggle to remain on my feet.

Darren moved toward me, his tight, chiseled body totally naked, his smooth skin glistening in the waning light that came in from the front window. His muscles were taut and beautiful, devoid of hair, and before I could stop myself my eyes wandered down, between his legs. When I saw that he wore a glittering gold cock ring, his penis jutting out, swollen and rigid, my knees went weak and I had to brace myself against the arm of the couch.

Darren sauntered toward me, looking perfectly at ease, his dark eyes amused at the look on my face. When he reached me, he placed both hands on my shoulders and bent to brush my lips with his.

“See anything you like, princess?” he murmured, and my hand came up automatically to touch his cock, to feel that glorious hardness in my hand. However, he brushed it away and pulled me to my feet. I looked into his eyes; certain that mine now held an expression of desperation.

“No, no,” he told me, still in a soft, sexy voice.

The ache inside me pulsed relentlessly, beginning to hurt.

“Not until you’re naked.”

He took my hand and led me into the bedroom, and I was astonished to see candles on every available surface, some long and tapering, others short and squat. They filled the room with a cornucopia of perfume, but I was past noticing; my body had other needs.

The covers were turned down invitingly on our queen-sized bed, and a bowl filled with ice was on his bedside table. There were several of the longer candles on mine, but before I had time to wonder, Darren pulled me into his arms, slammed his mouth down on mine, and kissed me passionately. Between us, I felt his rock-hard erection, and I pushed my hips into his, wanting it, needing it, feeling as though I would do anything just to have it inside me.

Darren’s hands began to work on my blouse, and I pulled away a little to allow his fingers to undo the buttons, which he accomplished with practiced ease. He reached around behind me and unhooked my bra neatly, with two fingers, and before I knew it, both items of clothing had fallen to the floor and my bare chest was exposed to his view.

He bent and took one of my nipples into his mouth, and it hardened instantly under his touch, the sharp sensations shooting through me, darting right to that place between my legs that needed him so urgently.

Darren eased me back toward the bed, and when the backs of my knees bumped into it I sat down. He pushed me gently onto my back and began to work on my pants, and I lifted my hips eagerly as he slid them off. I could still see his erection, hard and ready, and when I noticed a drop of moisture on the tip I nearly cried out with the force of my need.

My pants discarded, Darren lay on his side beside me and kissed me until I was out of my mind, begging him to take me, take me now, oh, God please take me NOW …

He had my hands pinned above my head and was teasing first one nipple with his tongue, then the other, and I arched my back, my head turning back and forth as the need grew inside me, become a raging animal. I moaned and twisted, gripping his head with fingers that shook as he slid down and began to work on me with his tongue, the tip of it flicking out and teasing my clitoris, just enough to take me higher but not enough to bring me over the top. His cock was pressed against me, a reminder of what I wanted, but for some reason, wasn’t allowed to have.

“Oh, God, Darren,” I gasped. “Fuck me now, please fuck me, I need it I need it so badly – ”

Darren lifted his head from between my legs and gave me a devilish grin. “We’ve only just started, Melanie my love,” he told me, and while my brain tried to process that, he lifted himself up until his head was level with mine.

He reached across my body to the bowl of ice that was on his side of the bed. Extracting a cube, he put it in his mouth and then bent his head to my breasts, licking and sucking them, with the added sensation of the freezing ice in his mouth. My chest bucked as I hitched in my breath with a gasp. A tiny rivulet of cold water ran down the side of my chest, only adding to the exotic feeling of his chilly tongue.

When I thought I could bear it no longer, Darren looked at me, his eyes speculative.

“How much can you take, Mel?” he asked quietly, and again I was startled. He continued to look at me expectantly, and I realized he was waiting for me to answer.

“How much can you take before I fuck you?”

At the word “fuck” a ripple of desire ran down my backbone, and I struggled to formulate the answer I thought he might want to hear.

“As much as you can give me,” I whispered, and the ache inside me grew worse as a sexy grin stretched his mouth.

“As much as I can give you?” he echoed. He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the mouth. “Well, babe, this is going to be a long night.”

He reached over and took another ice cube from the bowl. Starting at my collarbone, he ran it over my heaving chest, between my breasts, over my abdomen, and down the length of my body until he was brushing the top of my pubic hair. When he drew the ice cube over my swollen clitoris, something like a scream escaped my lips and my hips bucked.

“Ah, ah,” Darren told me, rubbing the ice cube back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. “No squirming, love. Besides, this isn’t the end.”

He parted my legs and slid the ice cube inside me, pushing it up with one finger. He eased my legs closed with the same hand and bent his lips to my ear.

“Can you feel that melting inside you? Your heat is melting it, but it’s cold right now, isn’t it … it’s cold …”

He was right. Two sensations warred within me: the heat of wanting Darren and the chill of the ice. Gradually, they melted together, until the cold became part of the wanting. I felt it dripping out of me, and it reminded me so much of his juices that I strained against his hands.

“Please …” I asked him, looking into his eyes, certain that mine reflected my need.

Darren smiled again. “Please? Please what, Mel?”

I realized I had trapped myself by what I had said earlier (“as much as you can give me”). I turned my head to the side, tears starting in my eyes. Darren laughed, a low, sexy chuckle, and I didn’t see what he did next. When I turned my head back toward him, he was holding one of the tapered candles in his hand, and my eyes widened as he brought it perilously close to my breast.

“What are you doing?”

My question was a breath of fear, and Darren smiled as he tipped the candle over, its fire creating a tiny pool of wax that dripped onto my breast. I sucked in my breath; it burned, just a little, before hardening into a crust that felt strange on my skin. Darren continued to drip wax on my body: between my breasts and down my stomach. As the he drew the candle even lower, I became truly frightened. He saw my expression and his own softened as he leaned over to kiss me.

“Now stay still, babe, and this won’t hurt, I promise.”

He held the candle directly over my clitoris and it took every ounce of control I had not to move, to roll sideways, away from that burning wax. But I knew if I did that I wouldn’t get what I needed, so I lay still, flat and trembling, as he tipped the candle once again.

Searing pain shot through me as the wax landed on my clitoris, and I panted with the effort of controlling myself. To my surprise, it cooled almost instantly, and the tight feeling of the contracted wax on my tender flesh was almost … exciting. I looked up at Darren, and he smiled in satisfaction.

“Again?” he asked, and I nodded. He scraped the wax away with one careful finger and tipped the candle again. I gasped as the hot wax landed on me again, but this time there was a definite rush of excitement, and I moved my legs wider apart and lifted my hips just a little.

Darren replaced the candle in its holder with a hand that shook just a little. “Holy shit,” he said huskily. “I sure as hell didn’t expect that. I can’t wait now.”

He quickly got between my legs, and with one smooth movement, he thrust himself into me. I clung to him and screamed as his cock filled me, every inch of me, right to the brim. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist as he began to pump in and out of me, and as every thrust became better and better, I realized it was the slight soreness of my clitoris, rubbing lightly against the skin of his lower belly by the movement of his body, that was turning me on the most.

I came in ecstacy, bucking my hips to pull him farther in, and when he exploded inside me, he threw back his head and groaned.

Shuddering, he collapsed on top of me, and I held him, smiling.

“That was definitely one of your better ideas,” I said.

His breathing had to slow a bit before he could answer. He raised himself on his elbows and looked down at me.


“Oh, yes.” I kissed him hard, squeezing his still rigid cock with all the strength of my inner muscles. “You have quite the imagination.”

“I’m glad you approve.”

Darren returned the kiss, beginning to move his hips, and as I realized he still had the cock ring on, I closed my eyes and surrendered myself yet again.

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