Friday, May 21, 2010

The Art of Role-Playing

By Jennifer Good

Role PlayingWhen you're ready to take your sexual relationship from average to exceptional, role-playing is certainly an avenue you may want to explore. There's something about the guise of being in character that allows couples to open their mind to things they might not have considered before. Role-playing also makes it easier to reveal some of your hidden desires. It can alleviate some of the boredom and pressure to be creative or try every new position under the sun. If this is something you'd like to try, or you'd just like to get new ideas for, read on…
First things first…
If you've never engaged in this activity before, it might seem a little silly at first, especially if you chose to wear costumes. The best way to start out is to really go slowly. You can introduce the topic by asking a simple question such as, "Have you been good today?" The endless answers to that kind of question invite many different role-playing scenarios. You can also set up a scene that you both must act as a character in. For example, one of you will come to the door to fix something and things lead from there. If you want to be a little more formal about the process, send an invitation to your partner inviting them to join you in a little sex play. Explain their character and give any other instructions you wish them to follow. After you've done it a few times, you'll both feel a little more comfortable with it and the ideas for new adventures will be something you'll both be eager to explore.
The Scenarios…
Once you've decided to try this type of sex play, you'll need to pick a role-playing scenario to act out. Below are a few favorites and maybe some you've never considered. Pick a few to try or act them all out. Just remember to have fun and make sure you are BOTH comfortable with what you're trying.
This is probably the most common role-playing scenario. Usually the woman plays the student and the man is the teacher or professor. You can make the scenario anything from pleasing the teacher in exchange for grades to being the teacher's pet. Costumes are fairly easy for this scenario as well. A short skirt and white button up shirt usually works for the female student role. The male teacher role doesn't really involve any special costume idea. Just wear what you feel comfortable in. If you switch the roles and have the female as the teacher and the male as the student, you can really get creative. You can have the female teacher be extremely sexy or extremely harsh, depending on your partner's fantasy. She can have her hair tied up in a bun and wear large rimmed glasses for the naughty schoolboy approach.
This role-playing scenario is perfect when one partner doesn't wish to have to think about what to do or how to behave. It also quite stimulating for both partners involved. Costumes or play wear should be decided by whoever is playing the role of master. You might also consider props like a blindfold and some items to use to tie up your partner. Always make sure both partners are completely in agreement with the props and activities. The best idea is to have some type of safe word to make each partner comfortable with the limitations.
Service Worker/House Wife 
In this scenario one partner plays the role of a service worker. There are many roles to choose from in this scenario including a mailman, plumber, cable repairman, phone repairman, or pizza delivery person. You could even include occupational role playing of police officer, fire person or a military service person in this scenario. Typically this role-playing scene plays out with the service person coming to the door and finding the other person alone in the home. What happens from there is virtually endless.
Bar Pick Up Scenario
This role playing scenario starts outside the home. You meet and anonymously one of you gets "picked up" at the bar. You can also go all out for this one by meeting at a hotel bar and getting a room for an "impromptu" lover's tryst. This particular role-playing idea is especially great for couples who have been together for quite some time and really need an infusion of spark and romance.
For those with a creative flair, this can get quite steamy! There are two possibilities for this scenario. The first is one is the artist and the other partner is sitting for a nude portrait. You can also do this as a photographer/model scenario. The second scenario is a little more fun and creative. One partner is still the artist, but the other person plays the part of the actual canvas. The artist will then begin to paint the "blank" canvas any way they wish.
This is another one to try when one partner would rather give up control of the scenario. With this idea one partner is scheduled to meet the other, usually at a hotel. When they get to the scene, the other partner is not there. Instead they find the clothes they must wear and instructions to wait. When the other partner arrives they begin to command what the escort should do. You can actually go through a whole date while playing these roles. Things could get interesting!
This is a fairly straight forward role play. One person plays the stripper and the other is the lucky benefactor. You can also add this role-play to the escort/client or master/slave scenarios as well.
Need a check up? Your partner might thing so! This role-playing idea is a very common one. Decide who will be the doctor and who will be the patient and have fun setting up your scenario. Will they be a good patient or a bad patient? There are many ways to play this one out.

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