Start Your Own Business

Imagine…earning real income from one of the most lucrative payment programs in the Adult Home Party industry and enjoying the freedom of setting your own schedule, all while having fun and bringing pleasure to others!

You’re probably here because you’re looking for something that’s missing.  Maybe you need to make some money, or you’re looking for a fun way to get out of the house.  Perhaps you love the idea of helping people improve their personal lives and relationships, or maybe it’s a combination of all three.  I want to help you find what it is you’re looking for!
You have the flexibility to build a business that’s right for you.  Whether you need to earn a certain amount of money quickly, or a smaller amount on a regular basis, you can create a part-time business that fits just right.  If you’re interested in reaching an income level similar to a full-time job, in addition to parties, you can take on a leadership role and help other consultants start For Your Pleasure® businesses.
Being an FYP® consultant isn’t for everybody.  The most successful consultants include the following:
  • People who enjoy talking and laughing with others, and helping them feel comfortable.
  • People who like to go out and create the life they want, who aren’t going to settle.
  • Those who are optimistic and able to see the silver linings, who find it easy to let water roll off their backs and look towards the sun.
  • Determined people who are passionate about learning the skills to succeed and putting plans into action.
  • People who truly LOVE (maybe even get high!) from selling.

Once you are ready, getting started is simple, whatever your budget and goals. You can always add to your presentation products as your business grows.
Besides your presentation products, or Your Pleasure’s kits include a business manual, product knowledge training DVD, 250 personalized business cards, free month’s subscription to Belinda Ellsworth’s Success Express training site, as well as catalogs, order forms and all the essentials you’ll need. Shortly after submitting your application, we will start your training together and make sure your business will flourish!
All “purchased” kits start at 40% commission

$250 Kit ($650 Value)
Kit:  $250.00
S&H:  $25.00
Application:  $25.00
Total:  $300.00

$500 Kit ($1250 Value)
Kit:  $500.00
S&H:  $50.00
Application:  $25.00
Total:  $575.00

$1000 Kit ($2500 Value)
Kit:  $1000.00
S&H $100.00
Application:  $25.00
Total:  $1125.00

Host a party to earn a kit based upon your total amount of retail sales.  Start at 35%, bump to 40% after first $1000 in sales.
New associates who purchase one of our quick start kits begin their career earning 40% commission!
Our kits are a terrific value and are full of the most popular items sure to keep your sales and party bookings growing. Associates who join FYP® by purchasing a kit are required to do only $1000 in retail sales within 60 days to ‘lock in’ the 40% commission rate.
An Open for Business Show is a party held in your home (catalog OFB’s are also available). Whatever your party sales are, FYP® will match those sales with a FREE product kit!
Open for Business starters with sales of $300 or more earn 35% on their first $1000 in sales (within 30 days) and then earn 40% thereafter. Open For Business starters with sales of $1000 or more earn 40% immediately and are only required to complete $1000 in retail sales within 60 days to ‘lock it’ in.
For Your Pleasure® offers a Kit Transfer program. We at FYP® believe that you have already made the largest investment in your business by purchasing a business kit. We do not want to ask you to invest yet another lump sum of money in purchasing like products from us.  There is a small fee for transfer & application, but shipping of your supplies are free.
There are a couple different ways to earn an income with For Your Pleasure, Inc.
Once you have chosen which kit to start with, the next step is scheduling your first 4 parties within your first 60 days, so we can fill out your application.  Your application can be faxed to me at 702.645.8742 or email
You will want to host one of these yourself as a Launch Your Business party. It’s a great way to introduce your friends and family to your new venture and show them how much fun they can have. You will want to talk to friends from each of your social groups and date parties with a wide variety of your friends to optimize your new business’s growth from the very beginning.
And don’t forget to let them know that For Your Pleasure has the best Hostess Benefit plan , in the Romance Industry. For inviting their friends over so you can entertain and educate them, each of your hostesses will earn a selection of free products of their choice! They will be so happy!

Contact me and we’ll work together throughout the process.