Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Strip For Your Man

I have been trying to think of new things I can integrate into me & my sugar's routine.  I am thinking about pole dancing & lap dancing.   Fortunately, I live in a town with a pole & lap dancing school (It's Vegas baby!), so I am going to have to check out some classes.  If you are not as lucky as I, I do sell a couple of instructional videos on the topics. 

I like the idea of pole & lap dancing on a couple of different levels, first of course, fitness ( Have you seen the bods on those professional pole dancers!! Yowza!).  Second, confidence.  When your prancing around the room, playing motor boat with your man, you got to have a lot of confidence to pull that off sexy.  And third, giving your man a nice show, that lets him know you have taken the time and effort to let him know he floats your boat.  So check out some of the videos in my store.  Plus, if the economy gets any worse, we can take it on the road (just kidding mom).  

Erotic Dancing for Your Lover # 20040
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Erotic Pole Dancing #3261
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Price: $21.00

In the mean time, here is a stripping how-to that I poached from

How to Do a Strip Tease for Your Husband

By VintageMamaeHow Member
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Do a Strip Tease for Your Husband
Do a Strip Tease for Your Husband
Whether you realize it or not... you're hot. In fact you're sexy and hot. No better yet... you're sensual, sexy and hot. And your husband loves a tease. Learn how to combine your powers to tease your husband to the point of no return!
Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:

  • music
  • 2 chairs
  • killer high heels
  • candles
  • robe
  • fitted skirt with zipper
  • white button shirt
  • men's tie
  • thong panties
  • lacy bra

  1. Step1
    Set the two chairs facing each other far enough away so you have room to dance. Light many candles around the room, but make sure they're far enough away so that you won't knock them over.

  2. Step2

    Put on your thong, bra and high heels. Cover up with a robe as you sit your husband down on the chair. Tell him the show will begin in a few minutes.

  3. Step3
    Put some "intro" music on for him to listen to while you finish dressing. This will build great anticipation. By the time the show starts he'll already be "standing at attention"! ;)

  4. Step4
    To start your tease, move your hand over your body slowly. Remember when your husband sees your hand (or anything else you rub on your body) he actually imagines it's his hand. Purposefully avoid rubbing your breasts and kitty too soon. Remember this is a tease!

  5. Step5
    Look at your husband in the eye as you SLOWLY unzip your skirt. Now with your back turned to him, wiggle it down 'til you take it off.

  6. Step6
    As you rock your hips side to side, SLOWLY take off your tie. Stretch it out, bite it and rub it against your breasts and/or your booty. When your done teasing with the tie put it over his neck.

  7. Step7
    Now is the time to give him a good rub down. Run your fingers through his hair, bite his ear, kiss him on his neck, rub your thigh against his crotch, sit in his lap, rub your breasts on his face ... you get the picture. Just get him all hot and bothered!

  8. Step8

    Next sit down on the empty chair and SLOWLY unbutton your shirt. You can look at him in the eye "seducing" him, or close your eyes "yearning" for him. Don't take your shirt off yet.

  9. Step9
    Open your shirt slightly and run your fingers between your breasts. Heaving your chest can make this move look more intense.

  10. Step10
    With your shirt still on, straddle the chair with your back towards him and reveal one shoulder at a time. Make sure you are turning your head looking at him and moving your shoulders rhythmically. Finally slip off your shirt

  11. Step11
    Gracefully get off of the chair and walk slowly toward your husband. Sway, bounce, gyrate or roll your hips as you stand very close to him.

  12. Step12
    Lastly straddle your husband. Place his hands on your booty. Unhook your bra and softly rub your bare breasts against him face. Finish off with a kiss!

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